You 2.0

This week was hard. The kind of hard that put my personal growth muscles to the test.

 But underneath the struggle there were lessons. And growth. And the most beautiful support from some very special people.

It's the month of LOVE and although it is great to show that special someone how much you care about them, I would encourage you to remember to love on YOU. We all have blind spots that can be discovered through a personal development journey. Don't wait for life to give you negative feedback...start today to become the best possible version of you. Maybe it's spending 15 min in quiet reflection in the morning, signing up for that workshop that sounded interesting, studying a book recommended by a friend, or reaching out to a mentor and asking for help. It all starts with a simple intention.

 And when you begin to evolve into YOU 2.0, the important people in your life will be the better for it! And it lasts much longer than roses. ❤