Ready, Aim, EMPIRE

I recently had the immense honor of joining Deryck Cheney as we were interviewed by entrepreneurial Rock Star Lisa (Lise) Kuecker on her podcast Ready, Aim, EMPIRE.

If you have ever CRASHED as you were building your dream, struggled with getting a business off the ground, or wrestled with leaving the security of what you know for the POSSIBILITY of a vision...then this 45 minutes is for you!

Crash and Learn: Deryck Cheney

We get open and honest about our personal crash stories, the "comparitis" epidemic, why our country is in overwhelm, and how mindset and mortgages work together.

Learn why we should be open and vulnerable with our business relationships as well as the difference between failures and mistakes.

What is YOUR crash story? And how did you apply the lesson for growth? I'd love to hear!

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