Practice makes... Better

It was rough on the courts this morning.

I picked up tennis a few months ago. I am committed to trying new things and finding fun ways to keep my body in motion. I was playing fairly regularly and felt good about my progress…

And then I stopped. For over a month.

My grip felt awkward, I couldn't make contact with the ball, and I found myself getting extremely frustrated. After an hour warmup I joined a group of women for a clinic. I was AWFUL. About 15 minutes in I wanted to go home. I felt inadequate, was envious of the skill level of the other players, and embarrassed. The voice in my head started going to town “You are too old to pick up a new sport”, “You don’t have time to do this”, “It is going to be too hard”, “You will never be as good as THEM”…

I voiced my frustration out loud and one of the women looked at me with the biggest smile and said “Don’t go home. You are here - that is what counts! You are doing great.”

And the shift occurred. I realized I did not need to be a perfect player to get better…I just needed to practice and commit to a schedule.

Whatever your goal is to get YOUR body moving, find something that you enjoy - and people to play with. Just START. Commit to getting a little bit better every week. You don't need to be perfect. You just need to practice. :)


Vix Reitano