LEAPING into Transition

The only thing we can be 100% certain of is that Life will throw us a curveball (or two) along the way, and we will be forced into times of transition.

I have had many conversations recently with folks in various stages of separation and transition in their marriage. It is not easy, and impacts all married couples. There isn't a guidebook when you are suddenly faced with cracks in the relationship that you thought was going to last forever (we are working on that!).

Here are 3 Ways to Transition Triumphantly:

1) Be brutally honest with yourself and your spouse about where you are in the marriage. "On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate our relationship?" You may be surprised by how your spouse rates the marriage compared to where you are. See how you can close the gap (The Five Love Languages is a great help in identifying communication styles. Also, seek out the help of a great counselor if needed (I cannot recommend Abby Rodman strongly enough, who has served clients and friends - www.abbyrodman.com)

2) Self Care is KEY. This is a time to be selfish. Make sure that you are getting lots of rest, reading and listening to positive books, podcasts, programs - flood your mind with uplifting material that keeps your mood elevated amidst the chaos. This is the time to make sure that you are nourishing your body with great nutrition and doing exercise that you enjoy! I love Lisa Nichols new book Abundance Now, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and The School of Greatness podcast by Lewis Howes.

3) Absence makes the heart grow fonder...and can also provide CLARITY. Sometimes, it helps if one person is able to leave for a while - go stay with friend for a weekend or longer, take a short vacation - in order to gain "emotional separation" and allow time for each of you to focus on what you can do individually to come back together stronger than ever. Perhaps you decide that the relationship has run its course, maybe you end up better together. Either way, it is important to always strive to be the best version of ourselves...so that we can be prepared for whatever transitions arise...and leap CONFIDENTLY!

Thinking about separating? Facing divorce? Need a road map? Please reach out to me (all information is CONFIDENTIAL) on my Contact page if you would like to be a part of a private group that will benefit from resources in the area of divorce, finance, real estate, dating, legal, health, wellness, and support! You will be part of the beta test group for our new pilot program.