Become Coachable

I hired my first coach in 1999 and have been coached ever since. There is an accelerated growth curve that takes place when you are given direction and accountability.

As a coach for some of the best professionals in the mortgage industry, I am fired UP about our clients desire to PREPARE to win. They are committing to a proven process while not always seeing immediate results. They have a crystal clear vision of where their business and life WILL be...and they prepare daily.

It also helps when they see fellow members who are a few steps ahead getting the results they desire in just one year:

Closing 1-2 loans per month to consistently closing 15

Increasing income from $160,000 to $444,000

Tripling loan volume while spending more time with family

Brand new to business to closing 15+ loans per month

Having more fun while attracting great clients and partners

Success leaves clues. The key is in the will to PREPARE!