What does it mean to be wise and strong?

You feel great when you wake up in the morning. You’re surrounded by the right people. You’ve got a routine that supports your growth and you’re open to new experiences too. It’s going to be a great day and you’re looking forward to a bright future.

When you work to be a little wiser and a little stronger every day, vitality and resilience are your best friends.

Does this sound like you? I hope the answer is “yes!”

If the answer is “sometimes” or “I wish!” I’ve got a story to share with you.

Confidently, I can say I grow wiser and stronger all the time. I love my life and my work, but I didn’t always feel this way.

I’m Sheira MacKenzie and I’m here to help you live a happier, healthier, more profitable life

Right now, my professional work is focused on coaching mortgage professionals, but I’m on a mission to open up the conversation to include anyone who wants to reach their fullest potential. (That’s you, right?)

Everyday, I feel good. Though I have down moments just like everyone else, I believe we always have the ability to change how we feel. We have the power to attract more of what we want in life. And, when we don’t feel good and things don’t seem to be going our way, it’s an important opportunity to get curious and figure out how to get back into alignment.

Amazing things happen when you open yourself to growth and change

Before 2003, things were pretty lousy for me. I didn’t feel well physically, and I was just plain unhappy most of the time. Something was missing and I was sure I would be stuck in “not enough” forever.

But some small voice within reminded me that I wanted more out of life, even if I wasn’t sure how to get it yet. I decided to open myself up to opportunity and, suddenly, the world opened itself to me. The right books, events, and mentors appeared in my life and I consciously chose to say “yes” again and again.

Though I couldn’t have known it at the time, picking up a copy of Jack Canfield’s Success Principles would be a watershed moment. I realized that I was completely responsible for my happiness and my success. The answers were within me, not hiding in the next job, relationship, or financial windfall.

Eventually, I would complete Jack’s Breakthrough Success Program and, in 2013, I would become one of only eighty people from around the world to train with him in his exclusive Train the Trainer program.

What happens when you listen to your inner wisdom?

Personal development went hand-in-hand with professional transformation. I worked my way to the top 1% of the mortgage lending industry within just five years of entering the field.

When I was at the top of my game and earning close to half a million dollars a year, I decided to close my practice. Why? Because that little whisper that once told me I needed to open myself to growth and change had developed into a strong, trusted voice of inner wisdom. I knew the next challenge was waiting for me. I was being called to be a catalyst for others’ transformation.

Now, I find myself working at my dream job - I’m an elite coach with Deryck Cheney Mortgage Coaching and I get to help loan officers from across the country build a business and LIFE that they love.

Why do you need to build your inner strength?

So much was going right for me, but life wasn’t as good as it looked on the surface.

After twelve years with the person I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with, I discovered my marriage was a lie. If I hadn’t done so much to develop my inner strength, this revelation would have leveled me.

It was a tough time, but all that personal development work did just what it was supposed to: I faced my new reality, called on my deep inner resources, and discovered I was every bit as resilient as I hoped. Through it all, I was able to make the choices that supported my health, my livelihood, and my mindset. I’m creating a new future that’s even brighter than I imagined before.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want to help bright, ambitious women like you live vibrant lives and create brilliant careers.

Twenty years ago, if I had known what I know now, I could have saved myself a world of pain and difficulty. I’m here to be your guide and shorten your learning curve so you can quickly bridge the gap between your reality and your ideal.

This is my wish for you: you’ll get wiser and stronger before things get harder.

This is my promise to you: I’ve got ideas and inspiration that will help you meet life’s future challenges and enjoy the life you’re living right now.