Sheira MacKenzie
Sheira MacKenzie
Transition Coach for Women Who Are Passionate About Finding a Career They Love


What can you do today to become

a little bit wiser & a little bit stronger?


You’ve got so much going for you. You’ve got such great plans and so much potential.

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And yet, life is unpredictable. (On top of being beautiful and messy and heartbreaking and straight up fun.).

Here’s what I know (and what I wish I’d known when I was in my 20s and 30s): to make the most of all that potential and to meet every challenge that will come your way, you need to build your reserves of confidence, resilience, and vitality right now. This is the time to gather the strength and wisdom - before things get hard and before you’re really tested.

I’m here to be your source of information and inspiration as you set yourself up for a long life rich in health, wealth, and joy.